Cavoodle Puppies for sale

Gorgeous Cavoodle puppies bred in a loving environment – visitors welcome. If you are looking for the Pawfect Puppy for your family, or loved one, then you have to check out my Cavoodle puppies.

The won’t be any new arrivals now till later on in the year… around September/October timing.

p: 0411 018 422


Breeder Number: B000665698

Pawfect Puppies

At Pawfect Puppies our family of 4 legged pooches include our loveable Cavalier mums and the spunkbubble ‘Daddy Doodle’ who without a doubt has gorgeous furbabies!

If you have watched the Puppy Special on ‘Bondi Vet’, you will know that all our Cavoodle puppies are reared on our property in a wholesome, natural environment giving them a great start to their new life with you. You also will have noticed that ‘Max’ was the superstar of the show and scored an ‘A’ – check him out on my testimonials page……..

Pawfect Puppies

– For more info please call or text Tammy on 0411 018 422

or send an email to me,

Pawfect Puppies