If you are looking for the Pawfect Puppy for your family, or loved one, then you have to check out my Cavoodle puppies!

Pawfect Puppies

At Pawfect Puppies our family of 4 legged pooches include our loveable Cavalier mums and the spunkbubble ‘Daddy Doodle’ who without a doubt has gorgeous furbabies!

If you have watched the Puppy Special on ‘Bondi Vet’, you will know that all our Cavoodle puppies are reared on our property in a wholesome, natural environment giving them a great start to their new life with you. You also will have noticed that ‘Max’ was the superstar of the show and scored an ‘A’ – check him out on my testimonials page……..

Pawfect Puppies

The sad news ……there won’t be any available furbabies now till probably early 2018.

– For more info please call or text Tammy on 0411 018 422

– or send an email to me, tammy@pawfectpuppies.com.au

Pawfect Puppies