Making a Cavoodle puppy

A purebred Toy Poodle crossed with a purebred King Charles Cavalier makes a Cavoodle.

A Cavoodle possesses the gentle nature of the Cavalier and the non-shedding hair from the Toy Poodle – the best features of both breeds. This crossbreeding of the two purebred pedigrees produces a very low-shedding, gorgeous natured Cavoodle puppy with the added bonus of looking like a teddy bear!

Our purebred Red Toy Poodle “Doodle” crossed with our purebred Cavaliers makes ’Pawfect’ Cavoodle Puppies! If you’re looking for a dog to love which is gentle, affectionate, playful, non-allergenic … and an eternal pup, then one of my Cavoodles is for you.

  • Utterly cute & adorable
  • Happy little temperaments, loves kids
  • By far the most popular crossbreed
  • Height averages 30-35 cms
  • Lifespan of 10-14 years
  • Poodle-like coat … low allergic and very low-shedding
  • Recommended by many vets
  • Seriously resemble teddy bears!